Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweet tooth anyone? Cotton candy delight

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Tinkerbell said...

yum yum! I love this stuff. Your american right? so cool i'm from england and we call it candy floss (no idea why though! lol)

I've seen your comments on makeupshark blog alot and you seem really cool :) you don't mind if i ask you for your help do you?

Like 3 days i think i was on the site and everyone had to logon through Intense database i think. You changed your name to "TheRealCupcake" and i changed mine to "IAMTinkerbell" i'm not sure if you remember me...

i can't seem to comment through the that intense blog it keep saying guest. then i go to blogspot url type in my url for my blog and nothing happens. the only way i can comment is one my phone because it doesn't show the new layout on it but i can't see anybody's comments but makeups and mne and i don't know if somebody's replying to please help. i'd really appreaciate it :)