Thursday, June 5, 2008

A magical table setting for a magical birthday party. This soda fountain ,sherbet colored table ware will make any birthday party magical. Create your own ice cream party and serve root beer floats to your guest These dishes are located at Rosanna Inc

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sweet 16 Party Supplies at Buy Costumes

Learn how to create these wonderful treats at Cupcake Fun

These waffle cone style ice cream bowls are the perfect dish to liven up a party, serve these bowls with ice cream to your guest, or give as a summer gift. William Sonoma

A Princess basketball is a great party favor for a little girls birthday party. Girls are able to be sporty and girly-girl at the same time. Send your your guest home with this party favor and some fingernail polish, What a great way to tell a little girl ,she can love sports and polish her nails. Get this princess basket ball at Small Toys

Send these sweet 16 cookies to a friend or a loved one, A bouquet of flowers are nice, but a bouquet of cookies are even better. There sweet and long lasting, Use this as a gift or a center piece at a birthday party. Purchace these cookies at Cookie HQ

Sweeten up any birthday or party functions with this old fashion cotton candy machine. Works well with a carnival theme birthday party. Create colorful whimsical cotton candy for your guest. This machine can be purchased at Montgomery Wards

Create your own soft served delicious ice cream right in the comfort of your own home. Put a smile an all the children's face at any birthday party. Goes perfect with a ice cream summer party or Give as a gift. This old fashion ice cream maker can be purchased at GoGoods
Pink pirate tresure chest, purchase at Century Novelty

Great for tea party's. Learn how to create theses cookies own your own. Share them with friends or loved ones. Also use as a party favor, Place cookies in a bag or a box and tie with a bow. your party guest will enjoy the party and the gift. Learn how to recreate these cookies at Cake Journal

Instead of one big cake, why not have these ice cream cone individual cakes. Decorate them to your desire. Great for a ice cream themed birthday party. Add some flavor to your party and allow your guest to decorate there own ice cream cake. The ice cream pan can be purchased at JCpenny

Candy Warhouse
Cute Butterfly suckers. Use as party favors Availible at Candy

Little girls would love this bracelet as a party favor. Want to add something extra for your guest? Place this bracelet in a box or bag, your choice with birthday goodies inside. Fira Marina

Bright cupcakes

Bright cup cakes by shades of color from flickr
Go to and create these tasty cupcakes at home

Celebrate your child's birthday with these cute Disney cups. Goes perfect with a Disney princess themed birthday party. These adorable cups can be purchased at Celebrate

Celebrate your child's first birthday party with this magical cake. Decorated with butterflies, flowers and polka dots, any child's birthday would become magical with this cake. To place an order go to Pink Cake Box