Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This individual size ice cream holder is adorable and it can be purchased at Sur La Table , Just get a pint of your choice of ice cream and put it in the holder and stick it in the freezer. It keeps the ice cream extra cold for hot summer nights. This is a great party favor for slumber parties!
This is a wonderful way to celebrate a child's birthday. This lazy Susan is surrounded by six-3-oz ice cream cone topping dishes. What a fun way to enjoy parties, this can be purchased at Sur La Table .

Make fresh soft serve ice cream at home, what a great way to enjoy hot summer nights. Also enjoy homemade ice cream at birthday parties or at any event. Making ice cream is truly a unforgettable moment, this can be bought at GoGoods

What a great way to serve cold drinks during a slumber party. At the push of a button, you can enjoy a ice cold drink to your guest. This is absolutely great for a movie night with friends. To purchase this dispenser go to Go Goods
Enjoy your summer days with family making homemade snow cones. This old fashion snow cone maker shaves ice into snow, just get your choice of flavorings and apply it to the shaved ice. Now your able to enjoy all different flavors of snow cones right in the comfort of your own home. This cab be purchased at GoGoods

This is absolutely a great way to make a homemade slushy, awesome for children and adult functions, just add ice cubes and watch the ice turn into slushy. Be sure to add you desirable fruit juice. Make your party a one of a kind and add this slushy machine. this can be purchased at Go Goods

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you want to add something different to your birthday party, give these wonderful handmade SLS free glycerin popsicle soaps. Give these wonderful Popsicle treats as a party gift at your own spa party. Purchase these adorable party favors at Etsy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Have a wonderful spa party in the making? use these wonderful party favors as counter pieces at a spa party. It's simple, get a bucket and add your favorite decorative soap sicles in the bucket and tie a beautiful ribbon around the bucket, and that's it. Purchase these wonderful delights at.The Frog And The Prince
One of a kind birthday hats, these personalized individual hats are hand made. Send each guest with this thoughtful party favor and they will never forget how much fun they had. Create a wonderful unforgettable birthday. Create these party hats hand made or purchase them at Etsy
Get this wonderful enchanted birthday cake for your child's party and no doubt your child's birthday memory will be magical. Find this cake at Pink Cake Box

Why not use these sherbet colored ice cream dishes while eating ice cream. Use these ice cream dishes as party ware at your next event. There are many ways to enjoy these delightful dishes, give them as a summer gift or use them yummy ice cream party's. Get these yummy treats from Amazon
Beautiful!!!!, these bracelets are hand made and can be used as party favors or as gifts. Just tie a ribbon at the top of the bracelets and put them in a beautiful box with a friendly message. Use at a princess party as princess party favors. Fira Marina from Flickr

Having a fairy party any time soon? don't forget to get this magical fairy cake. Any little girl would feel like a true fairy with this enchanted cake. Also grab fairy invitations and party favors to add to the wonderful party. Create your own fairy cake at Wilton. To purchase this cake go to Freed's Bakery

Create this wonderful treat for any occasion. Spice up a birthday party or a friendly gathering and serve these delicious treats to your guest. Why buy cup cakes? just go to and create these fun delights. Decorate them to your desire and serve. Learn how to create theses cupcakes at Cupcake Fun

Send your party guest home with a piece of history from your party. A Cup cake in the box is a great way to thank you. Use as a great party favor, just tie a beautiful ribbon around the box with a thank you tag. Get these boxes at Cupcake Fun

What little girl wouldn't love a Disney princess party, serve these Disney sundae cups with cake and ice cream. Make a little girls dream come true and add princess party favors and invitations. Make this treat the center of a birthday party and purchase it at Celebrate Express

Make a little girls day and add these cute straws to the party. Use these straws as party favors to any little girls birthday party. Any little girl would feel like a pretty princess with these magical straws, great accent to a butterfly party. Make Believe

How adorable, a lady bug bracelet would be a great party favor. Stick these bracelets in each party bag, or give this bracelet as a gift. There nothing more delightful than to give accessories as party favors. Choose your favorite style of bracelet at Angela Moore

These ice cream candles bring any birthday cake to life. Share theses ice cream candles and watch any child's birthday day sparkle. Ice cream party's with ice cream candles make the perfect birthday party. Wrapables

Your party guest would be delighted to have this tin can party favors filled with delicious treats. Its simple and sweet, add whatever you desire, candy, accessories, or thank you notes. Tie a white ribbon or a colorful one to add to the beautiful party favor Accent The Party

Send your guest home with this beautiful sundae candle holder. A delightful party favor at a sweet 16 party or a bridal shower. Place it in a party bag or create your own party favor giveaways. This is one party favor that will never go out of style. Purchase the delightful sundae candles at Accent The Party

Polka dot party favors with matching ribbons are a wonderful way to create your own party favor at your child's birthday party. Gorgeous party favor for children or adult party's. get these polka dot boxes at Accent The Party

Pocket book picture frames are a great item to have at your little girls birthday party. Send as invitations to your child's birthday party. Simply take a photo of the invited children and place there photo in the pocket book picture frame invitation with a your invited note and their name. Purchase these pocket book picture frames from Accent The Party
A Mini bubble gum machine, is the perfect choice as a party favor. Its sweet and chewy and it lasts forever. Give this party favor to your child's party guest and watch their eye light up with joy. Personalize it with a ribbon and decorate the tag and place your party guest name on the tag. purchase these mini bubble gum machines at Accent The Party

Lollipop candles are sweet party accents. This is a adorable party favor at any sweet 16 party. Send these as invitations or pass them out to your guest as party favors. Tie a bow around a basket and place the lollipop candles in the basket. Upon your guest departure pass out these wonderful party favors to show your appreciation. Buy these lollipop candles at Accent The Party

I adore these flower boxes. Flower boxes are perfect for teen party's, Make these party favors yourself, all you need is a plain box, flowers, ribbon and hot glue. Hot glue the flower onto the top of the box and tie a ribbon at the bottom of the flower. You can also purchase theses flower boxes at Accent The Party

Throwing a summer outdoor party any time soon? These butterfly candles would be great as a center pieces at a butterfly party or a outdoor gathering. Use also as gifts or party favors for your wonderful guest.Place these candles in the center of a table with pink and clear Crystal accents from your Craft supply store. Purchase candles at Accent The Party

What better way to celebrate a birthday party. This cute adorable ice cream cone pinata holds loads of candy and treats. Any child would be delighted to have this pinata at there party. Fill it with candy or party favor. This would be great at a ice cream theme birthday party. This pinata can be purchased at Birthday In A box

prepare your favorite birthday dish in these hart shaped bowls. Or use as party decoration, Lay these beautiful dishes on a table with yummy treats inside. These bowls are available at Cooke Ware

Make any little girls day with this lovely butterfly deluxe party ware. Party decorations include party butterfly cups and plates, party hats, forks spoons, knives, and balloons plus more. To purchase this one of a kind party set go to Bithday In A box

These butterfly card holders are the perfect accent to a party. Place on a table with your guest name on the card or use as a party favor. To add a special touch, place a beautiful ribbon at the bottom of the card holder and watch your table come to life. purchase these card holders at Accent The Party
Add ice cream bubbles to your child's party favor bags. This adorable item would brighten up any child's day. What better way to end the party and send each child home with this wonderful party favor. This item can be purchased at Birthday in A Box

Lighten up your child's birthday party with these wonderful butterfly lights. Enjoy a hot summer night birthday BBQ outside. This would go great with a butter fly theme birthday party. Make any little girls birthday magical, purchase at Target
POersonalize your childs birthday party hat. There's nothing like having one of a kind personalized hats at your childs birthday party. kick your childs party up a knotch and allow the guest to design there own party hats. personalixe your hat at Darling Designs Boutique
Summer is here, get your surf boards ready and throw a beach party. This birthday party set comes with cup with surfboards imprinted on them and plates, invitations and more. Enjoy a beach theme party and purchase this at Birthday In A Box

Having a luau soon, don't forget these party cups to go along with your luau party. What better way than to sip on punch. Give these cups as party favors and instead of using as drinking cups create your own party favor and fill these cups with party favors and add a ribbon with a tag with your guest name on the tag. These cups are located at Birthay In A Box

Learn how to create this flower cake at A do it your self project for your little one. There nothing better than having a home made cake to share with loved ones. To create this delicious cake purchase this cake pan at Birthday In A Box

Personalized Monogram Candy Jar

This is a great party favor for a birthday!
Sereve these cute party bowls at any event. Create your own home made ice cream and serve to your party guest. Use as party ware at any summer event. create your own accents, use icecream or candy and put out them on the table. Wrapables